We Create Marketing Content That Connects With Your Audience

We create content that engages, educates and supports your audience, ultimately driving meaningful results for your business.

We Create Marketing Content That Connects With Your Audience

We create content that engages, educates and supports your audience, ultimately driving meaningful results for your business.
We’ve created marketing content for some amazing brands – big & small

End Freelancer Headaches

Managing multiple freelancers can be frustrating. With publish you’ll have a dedicated team working for you and a dedicated account manager.

We Grow With Your Team

As we work with you we’ll learn more about your business & audience. We use these learnings to improve the content we create for you over time.

Scale Your Content Output

If you don’t have an internal creative resource or if your creative resource is often at capacity, we can help. We’ll help you scale your marketing output without restrictions.

Types Of Content We Create

Our team is made up of expert copywriters, designers, illustrators, animators & marketing strategists. As a team we work to create exceptional content that your audience (and search engines) love to consume.

Blog Article Example

Click to read an article we created for kite.ly

Writing blog articles is often the base of an effective content marketing strategy. This is because an article gives you the opportunity to write in detail about a specific topic. You can also use media such as images, video and other content to back up your opinion.

And, Google wants to send people to the most useful and relevant result for their search term. So, if you can provide the best article on that topic it’s possible to rank well in the search engine results page. This will result in more traffic to your website, increased domain authority, brand visibility and more.

To write successful blog articles there are many things to consider. Such as the keywords your audience searches for, what do they want to learn and what you can write about. We also need to consider what it’s possible for your website to rank for. We’ll research your audience, the search engine results pages (SERPs) and your search engine competition. We’ll then build a strategy so that we’re creating effective articles for your business.

Ebook Example

An ebook or white paper should be a high-value piece that goes in-depth on a specific topic. This can be great for people who want to learn about something in more detail than you would usually go into in a blog post.

This type of content is usually gated. This means that people need to fill in their name and email address to download it. Once people do this they will get the ebook and you’ll have their contact details in exchange. This means you can send this person further information on a similar topic and provide more value to them. The more value you can provide the more likely that person is to think about you when they are ready to buy.

Click the image to the left to view an ebook we created for Capital One.

Blog Article Example

Click to read an online guide we created for Wyzowl

An online guide is like an ungated ebook presented on a web page. Where an ebook is great as a lead generation piece, an online guide is great for attracting maximum visibility and traffic.

It’s a great idea to combine an ebook and an online guide. This means people can find the online guide through the search engines but they also have the option to download the ebook.

Online guides also often generate a good amount of backlinks. The reason for this is that an online guide is a high value, in-depth piece of content on a niche topic. This type of content is often linked to by others as a useful expert resource.

Video Marketing Original Research

Click to see original research we completed for Wyzowl

Creating original data can be one of the most successful content marketing strategies. The reason for this is that people are always looking for unique and up to date data to reference in their own articles. If you can be the source of this data then people will link to you. This builds your SEO profile and authority in the industry. This will help you generate more traffic and in turn more authority and traffic in the future.

As part of our service, we can develop surveys and ways to generate original research. We can then gather the data and create content to present the data to the world. We’ll help you use your original research in the most effective way to generate links, traffic, and leads.

Once you’ve generated a new lead this person should be nurtured until they are ready to buy or take another action. It’s common to send your prospects an email nurture sequence. This can include more content on a similar topic. This is a great way to support your prospects with their interests and needs.

By sending out useful content on a regular basis you’re building trust. This will also keep your brand in the mind of the prospect.

When you work with us we’ll plan out your email nurture sequence for every item of downloadable content. We’ll then create the copy and graphics required for each email.

Click to watch a video we created for Kreo

An explainer video is the perfect way to get your message across in an interesting and engaging way. They are also excellent for improving conversion rates, customer education, support and training. In fact, video is so versatile that it can be used successfully at all stages of the marketing funnel.

We have a particular expertise in creating high-quality explainer videos. Our team along with our sister brand Wyzowl have created over 2,500 explainer videos for companies worldwide. In fact, Wyzowl pioneered creating fixed price, fixed turnaround, all-inclusive service explainer videos back in 2011. Needless to say, we have the expertise to make sure the videos we create for you are a success.

Click to watch an interactive video we created for Cogeco Peer1

Interactive content such as videos, websites, and infographics let the viewer decide what they want to see. No longer do people have to view content in a linear way. Now the viewer can decide the most important content and view it instantly.

We can create interactive content where the viewer can decide what they see, buy products and complete forms. The result of this is more engaging content for the viewer and a higher success rate for you.

Our Strategy Or Yours?

If you have an existing strategy we can plug-in our content creation expertise. Or, if you’re looking for support with strategy then we’d suggest using our Content Islands Framework. It’s the perfect way to create successful content.
We created this strategy to help people create better marketing content. Find out more about the Content Islands Framework

When the team at Publish explained the way they approach content marketing, it sounded perfect for our needs. We had been struggling to produce consistent content and make it pay so their service seemed ideal. As with any new agency there was a nervousness, but as soon as we started to receive their work I was confident that we had made a good choice. Their efficient project management system makes communication straightforward, they are very transparent from a commercial perspective and what’s most important is the quality of the content; copy and design quality is high. Creative, professional and thorough.

Jonathan Kitto – Regional Marketing Manager UK&I

Why Work With Publish?

Scale your content marketing output without adding headcount to your business. We add strategy expertise and high-quality creative execution resource to your team.

All The Skills Without Adding Headcount

Marketing Account ManagerWhen you work with us you’ll have access to our copywriters, designers, illustrators, animators and content strategists. This gives you a full content team without having to hire more full time employees.

We'll Nail Your Brand & Tone Of Voice

Marketing Account ManagerWe’ll define and follow your tone of voice whether it’s formal, casual or somewhere in-between. We’ll also follow your brand guidelines to make sure our design output matches your style.

One Fixed Point Of Contact

Marketing Account ManagerYou’ll have a dedicated account manager and marketing strategist. Your account manager will be available to discuss strategy as we grow with your business. You’ll also have direct contact with each person you work with on our team.

We Constantly Learn About Your Audience

Marketing Account ManagerAs we execute on your strategy we’ll learn more about your audience and the content we create. We’ll understand what shows most success in your market and adapt accordingly. This means we’ll constantly improve the work we do for you.
We’d love to discuss ways to create exceptional marketing content for your business. Click here to contact us.

A Content Marketing Service Tailored To Your Needs

When you work with us we’ll take the time to understand your business, your audience, and your competition. This helps us understand what your audience wants, what opportunities there are in the market and ways to beat your competition.


Before we start working with you we’ll define your tone of voice, style requirements & target audience. We’ll then research your competition, keywords to target & search competition. We’ll perform a content audit and competitor analysis. We’ll then define opportunities in your market and create a strategy to support your content marketing goals.

Content Creation

Once we’ve defined a strategy we’ll execute on that strategy for you. We create exceptional written, designed and animated content. This will help you generate traffic, leads, nurture prospects and support your existing customers. We’ll analyse and optimise the content we create over time to make sure it’s successful.

The Right Fit

To have a successful partnership it’s important we have the right fit for our clients.
We work best with clients who fit the following profile:

You have a dedicated internal marketing resource

You’re already creating marketing content

You have a content promotion budget

You’re looking to scale your content marketing output

You’re looking for a dedicated team of creatives to work with

If this sounds like you then we’d love to chat!

Want to see how we can help your business?

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